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Chocolate with benefits.


L I G H T L Y    I N F U S E D.

While we can't claim that imbibing delicious, high quality, low potency edibles solves every problem, it sure takes the edge off.

S E A   S A L T   C A M E O s

V E G A N   G A N A C H E

S M O K E D   C H A I   Z ' S

t r u s t w o r t h y

g u i d a n c e

Navigate the edibles marketplace via Bad Mommy Reports. We rank Reporters according to THC tolerance level so you can find the edibles best suited to your THC tolerance level.

L E V E L   O N E

Susan, our newbie reporter, had a bad black market experience in college that kept her firmly anti cannabis until her adult children recently begged her to try it again. She's starting with 2.5mg THC.

L E V E L   T W O

Catherine, our intermediate reporter, is an occasional smoker who also enjoys exploring edibles.  Her preferred potency ranges from 5-10mg THC. 


L E V E L   T H R E E

Michelle, our advanced reporter, is a seasoned canna enthusiast who welcomes it all: smoking, vaping and edibles.  She loves a potency range of 5-15mg THC.