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Welcome, CBD Curious. You’re in the right place at the right time with Eddy’s reports. She explores products ranging from 3mg-10mg CBD and little to no THC. What does this mean for you? No THC = No psychoactive effect = No fear of losing control.

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Satori CBD-Salted caramel almonds in dark chocolate, 6mg each

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Mmmmm hands down favorite edibles evah. Each almond delivers a reliable dose and predictable effect.  My anxiety dissipates and I enjoy a light sense of calm. It’s hard to explain exactly, but I just feel better, physically and mentally.  

I’ve read this is because CBD soothes your parasympathetic nervous system.

I’m beginning to understand what a ‘body high’ is all about.  One danger: these almonds are so delicious I have to remind myself they’re infused before I consume too many calories. Also, more than three can have a sleepy effect, but once again more on the body level vs. the mind.  


Parklife CBD Mango & Tumeric sublingual strips, 10mg each

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I love these slips, especially the way they dissolve quickly leaving a fresh green taste (like a garden!) under your tongue.  I tried the 10mg which was OK but not as impactful as the 6mg Satori almonds. Interesting, because typically sublingual takes effect more quickly and is stronger than edibles.

I’m learning that dosing is very situational for me.  I prefer higher ratios like 18 CBD: 1 THC during the day.  In the evening I go lower, 5 CBD: 1 THC or even 1 CBD:1 THC.   Even at these lower ratios, the THC is a manageable microdose so that it doesn’t make me feel “high” or checked out of a conversation with others.


Dompen CBD disposable vape pen, 4:1 CBD:THC

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I was surprised by how pleasant I find vaping. I appreciate the quick acting effect compared to edibles.  And the range of available flavors and products. This Dom pen is a favorite both in terms of smooth, honey like flavor and the svelte yet solid way it fits in my hand.  The compact size makes it discreet and eminently portable. I would like there to be a recycling option however, like some brands offer. The 4:1 CBD:THC ratio is lovely and uplifting for a sweet evening body buzz.  I find two draws do the trick.


Dosist Calm VAPE PEN, 1:10 CBD:THC

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  • Reliable draw due to vibrating element

  • Consistent taste

  • Not harsh on the throat

  • Neutral tasting

  • Requires 2-3 draws before the effects become clear


Select CBD Vape PEN IN spearmint, 1:1 THC:CBD

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  • A pleasant, subtle minty flavor

  • Easy on the throat

  • Consistent effect from 2 draws

  • Chipper blue pen color, light