Bad Mommy Review: Park Life Mango & Tumeric Sublingual CBD Slips


I love these slips, especially the way they dissolve quickly leaving a fresh green taste (like a garden!) under your tongue.  I tried the 10mg which was OK but not as impactful as the 6mg Satori almonds. Interesting, because typically sublingual takes effect more quickly and is stronger than edibles.

I’m learning that dosing is very situational for me.  I prefer higher ratios like 18 CBD: 1 THC during the day.  In the evening I go lower, 5 CBD: 1 THC or even 1 CBD:1 THC.   Even at these lower ratios, the THC is a manageable microdose so that it doesn’t make me feel “high” or checked out of a conversation with others.

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