Bad Mommy Review: CBD+ Oil Hemp-Based Capsules in 10mg and 20mg


I have tried both the 10mg capsules and the 20mg - all hemp-based CBD. The first time I tried the higher dosage I had sprained my ankle and was looking for something to help me relax after the initial shock of it. I took one of the 20mg pills and within 15 minutes the throbbing pain disappeared completely. I hadn’t known what to expect and was completely blown away by the results.

The high dose made me feel a bit tired and giddy, perfect for evening and lounging in front of the TV but not great for productivity. I tried the lower dose during the day to see what the effect might be and again it made me a bit sleepy, although not quite as loopy as the higher dose. I would recommend this product mostly for evening use, maybe instead of or with a glass of wine. I would also recommend it as a pain reducer because it worked so well for me, but obviously consult a doctor if you have something serious.

I gave the pills zero stars for taste because that’s not really the point!

ReviewSarah ThibaultCBD, Hemp