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Welcome, Newbies.  You’re in the right place with Susan’s reports.  She’s just getting started with 2.5mg potency, daring to go all the way up to 10mg THC.


Oara Wafers

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I recruited my neighbor to help me try my first edible.  We rechristened ourselves Cheech 'n' Chong. We split one 5mg wafer and sipped mineral water while waiting for it to take effect.  An hour in, Cheech was feeling lightly buzzed while I was feeling nothing. We split another wafer, bringing our total dose up to 5mg each.  Half an hour later, Cheech reported her ears felt blocked and her eyes felt squinty and things were funnier and colors were more intense. I felt bupkiss.  Except I had a mild sinus pressure headache and my eyeballs were slightly ill fitting. Plus a little bit of a hemp oil taste in the back of my throat. That was it.  I was disappointed.


Bad Mommy Ganache

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I liked the taste of this Ganache, rich and smooth and chocolatey.  No flavor of cannabis. The first time I started with half a teaspoon, or about 2.5mg.  I waited an hour and felt bupkiss. O no, is this going to be my ongoing experience? I took another half teaspoon and waited another hour.  I couldn’t be sure, but I felt good. Pleasant. Light. It was very subtle though. I mean most of the time I feel pretty good, pleasant and light.  I went to bed, slept well and awoke fresh and dewy-skinned greeting the dawn with a trilling songbird perched lovingly on my finger, as always. Next time I try this product, I will start with 1.5 teaspoons for a total of 7.5mg and see how I feel.


The Garden Society Bliss Blossoms

Legend 1.c.png

I started with 5mg or half of a 10mg square.  The flavor was lovely, rich chocolate, smooth texture.  It did leave a strong pot oil flavor in the back of my throat, but it wasn’t off-putting.  I enjoyed eating it and was sad to only have half.

I waited an hour, felt no effect, so went for the second half.  I let it melt in my mouth, and this time the chocolate and the cannabis oil flavor melded better.  

An hour went by and still nothing.  So I consoled myself with a glass of wine.  Half an hour went by, and as I nibbled on a cheese and cracker snack, I realized that my eyelids were now truly embracing my eyeballs, not just poking out to stop the orbs from rolling down my cheeks. Lovely little dears…hmm this is encouraging. I enjoyed a sense of general well-being and felt a bit proud of myself.  Yay! I finally am beginning to understand what all the fuss is about.