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Chocolate with benefits.


L I G H T L Y    I N F U S E D.

While we can't claim that imbibing delicious, high quality, low potency edibles solves every problem, it sure takes the edge off.

S E A   S A L T   C A M E O s

V E G A N   G A N A C H E

S M O K E D   C H A I   Z ' S

t r u s t w o r t h y

g u i d a n c e

Navigate the edibles marketplace via Bad Mommy Reports. We rank Reporters according to THC tolerance level so you can find the edibles best suited to your THC tolerance level. Prefer no THC? No problem. Level 4 Reporter Eddy covers CBD rich products with minimal to no psychoactive effect.  

L E V E L    0 1

Susan, our newbie reporter, had a bad black market experience in college that kept her firmly anti cannabis until her adult children recently begged her to try it again. She's starting with 2.5mg THC.

L E V E L    0 2

Catherine, our intermediate reporter, is an occasional smoker who also enjoys exploring edibles.  Her preferred potency ranges from 5-10mg THC. 


L E V E L    0 3

Michelle, our advanced reporter, is a seasoned canna enthusiast who welcomes it all: smoking, vaping and edibles.  She loves a potency range of 5-15mg THC.




L E V E L    0 4 

Eddy, our CBD reporter, seeks the therapeutic benefits of CBD rather than the psychoactive impact of THC.  She tries products ranging from 3 mg to 10 mg CBD, with a CBD:THC ratio of 18:1, 5:1 and 1:1.