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Catherine is our Level 2 reporter. She is an occasional smoker who also enjoys exploring edibles. 
Her preferred potency ranges from 5-10mg THC. Below are her reviews.



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These are beautiful, shiny, perfect blueberries.  I always look forward to opening the tin and seeing them nestled in there. The effect for a 5mg dose is relaxed, but perky. I would guess that the strain is Sativa-leaning because they don’t put me to bed.

The only downside is that they’re super inconsistent when it comes to potency. Since the blueberries are different sizes, they can’t all be the same potency.  I would say 3 out of 20 are not 5mg, but I can live with that. I can handle them being 9mg (I was delighted when I ate one and it felt that strong) But if the dose is only 2mg I don't feel the effect and that bums me out. Overall though would recommend!



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The first time I tried this tea, I didn’t like the taste. It was earthy and nutty and a bit bitter. But the second time I tried it, I loved it. It was smooth and mellow, but somehow made me feel social and chatty as well. I felt normal and functional. It took the edge off in an approachable way. I stayed productive throughout. I didn’t zone out.

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These bites are flavorful and delicious. There’s no weedy taste whatsoever. Eating one is like nibbling on an especially creative Powerbar. The fruit in it gives it an unexpected juiciness. It’s fun to eat.  The high, however, is really intense- 20mg per piece is way too much. I divided it into quarters, but it was so good that I didn’t want to stop. When I nibbled a bit more it became too strong. Danger! There’s a downside to deliciousness when it comes high potency edibles.