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Hello Cannalovers.  Michelle is your muse.  She appreciates a THC potency range of 5-15mg.


YUMMY KARMA, Sriracha Potato Chips

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I love a savory edible.  They are too few and far between.  These chips are excellent and spicy.  The coating is even and very professional - highly impressive.  I love the thicker cut of them. I tasted a little bit of green flavor.  I ate half the bag for a 25mg THC serving and it was pretty potent. Gave me a natural boost, definitely elevated my mood.  It would be easy to eat a whole bag so you have to be careful.




What delicious chocolate.  You wouldn’t know this was cannabis infused at all.  It goes down smooth and easy, dark and delectable. The hazelnut flavor is subtle.  The effect was pleasant and easy. I took a scored triangle which was 10mg. It must be indica leaning because I felt sleepy.  My only complaint is the scoring isn’t very efficient. They divide the bar up according to 10mg sections but some sections are long and skinny and others chunky and squat.  The chocolate does not break easily along the lines. It seems like a clunky solution. I hope they do a better job of figuring it out.


KIKOKO TEAS, Sensuali-tea


What a great concept.  Sipping THC infused tea, wholesome and innocent, but slipping in a little naughtiness there, like a lil Bad Mommy!  This 7mg potency felt extremely mild, but in a good way. It was a pleasant nightcap after dinner, amplified my mellow mood, put me in chill mode for sure.  I wanted it to last longer. The taste was delicious, herbal and aromatic, no weed flavor at all.